Purpose Initiatives

"Our Purpose is to enrich mind, body, earth or soul with the freedom of riding"


Powered by Renewables

Our goal is to have all our buildings 100% run by renewable energy, decreasing our carbon emissions and playing our part in reducing climate change.
40 of our stores currently have solar panels installed reducing our electricity use and decreasing our carbon emissions. For 2022, we are also installing solar batteries, to store excess energy for peak periods, further reducing our electricity usage.

Reduce Waste

Our goal is to reduce our general waste by 50% by 2027, with product sourcing including sustainability, reducing the use of plastics, non-recyclable materials and a recycling culture.

Tyre and Tube Recycling
Our stores in QLD, ACT, VIC, SA and WA all recycle tyres and tubes. This helps reduce landfill and the rubber is re-used to create products like athletics tracks and kids playgrounds.

Paper and Cardboard
All our stores have paper and cardboard recycling bins, that reduces future energy needs, avoids landfill and helps conserve our limited natural resources like trees.

All warehouses using paper tape that can be recycled, we have eliminated plastic bubble wrap and using recyclable fill material for online deliveries.

Supplier packaging
Our Pedal Bike packaging has now been changed to 95% recyclable materials.

Green Team

The 99 Green Team is a group of everyday people who are sponsored by 99 Bikes to ride to work. The team’s aim is to help relieve traffic congestion, improve the sense of community between riders and motorists, cut carbon emissions and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Donation of used bikes to local charities, partnerships, that helps avoid landfill and gives bikes to those in need.

South Australia
Partnering with Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc, a community workshop that strives to empower all youth, especially those who are vulnerable and are at-risk, to achieve their full potential through bike based programs and workshops. More about Lighthouse Youth Project Inc

Western Australia
Partnering with Dismantle, which is a charity that empowers and enables vulnerable young people to live their life in a self-directed way. Bring in your 2nd hand bike to any of our Perth stores and we will donate the bike to Dismantle. More about Dismantle

Australian Capital Territory
Partnering with The Recyclery, a community workshop where preloved bicycles are refurbished and give a second chance at life, avoiding landfill and helping the community. More about The Recyclery

Partnering with Brainwave Australia, a new Melbourne based social enterprise to donate, recycle and reuse bikes while providing employment and traineeships for people with a disability and raising money for Brainwave Australia. More about Brainwave Australia


Earning To Give

Our earning to give program is where we donate the equivalent of 1% of our employees wages to their chosen charity. Some of the charities we’ve supported include Beyond Blue, WWF, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Social Ventures Australia, Black Dog Institute, Movember, RSPCA Queensland, Seabin Foundation, Starlight Children Foundation, and Traction. Since the inception in 2016, we’ve donated over $1.4 million.


Ride to Work

We pay our employees a ride to work bonus. We encourage healthy active lifestyles and this helps reduce traffic congestion, with less cars on the road and less pollution for our planet.

Professional and Personal Development

Every employee is offered up to $1,000 a year that can be put towards “Self-Development”. We also have 3 Training Academies to develop our people and provide career pathways.

Bicycle Academy

Mechanic training programs, under-pinned by globally recognised Cytech courses, developing bicycle technicians

Business School

Our internal sales consultant training program, that has been mapped to a Certificate 3 in Business.

Leadership Academy

Offers 7 programs from “Introduction to Leadership” to “Area Leader”.

Personal Well-Being

As well as internal support, we offer our employees access to an external “well-being” portal that helps with all aspects of their life, including physical, mental, social and financial. This service also includes initial one on one coaching and counselling service.